Taylor / Lloyd Counselling & Consulting

Dr. John Taylor


John Taylor, Ph.D. has over 40 years experience counselling youth, children and parents.  He continues to engage clients in finding real change.  Dr. Taylor is a Registered Psychologist.

With years of experience in adolescent treatment,  he currently consults with Hollyburn Youth and Family Services both in treatment facilities and as a staff trainer. Dr. Taylor has an ongoing interest in counselling for parenting issues, divorce adjustment, blended family dynamics, anxiety, mood or behaviour challenges.

Treatment  of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, on an out-reach basis, is also available.

Consultation to foster and adoptive parents.

Additionally, Dr. Taylor has significant experience with abuse-reactive or sexualized children.


Dr. Mike Lloyd

Michael Lloyd, Ph.D. had over 23 years experience as a counselling psychologist before moving to BC. He is currently an Intern to Psychologists, Dr. John Taylor and Dr. David Lingley.  He is also in the process of applying to become a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC.

Currently as a psychotherapist and in addition to individual and family counselling, he is interested in Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) as a preferred approach to resolving relationship issues.

EFCT is an effective research-based framework focusing on attachment bonds, repetitive communication patterns; and how a change in communication (as the ‘music’ of a couple’s relationship) can change the action-reaction ‘dance’, and therefore helping reconnect couples in more secure attachment.

Counselling experience includes;marriage and family, divorce and blended family mediation,
psychological aspects of chronic pain management, as well as stress and depression management.

Dr. Lloyd is also a clinical consultant and provides staff training to Hollyburn Youth and Family Services.  His counselling practice in Maple Ridge is with Dr. David Lingley & Associates.