Taylor / Lloyd Counselling & Consulting

Seeking solutions - finding balance

Fundamentally, people seek counselling because they are feeling stuck and life is out of balance and almost out of control.  Counselling seeks first an understanding of all the issues and then explores the options for action and positive change.

John Taylor Ph.D. and Michael Lloyd Ph.D. are veteran therapists with years of experience helping people across a wide range of individual, couple's relationship and family issues.

Counselling for individuals includes helping with; stress/anxiety and depression management as well as the treatment of phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  We also have experience in addictions and chronic pain management, focusing on finding balance and problem resolution.

Couples and Family counselling involves helping each voice to be heard, guiding toward improved problem-solving, assisting with transitions.  Blended family issues as well as those associated with separation/divorce and the merging of blended families are within the scope of our experience. 

Our approach is to use brief modes of therapy, filtered through years of experience, to help individuals achieve greater peace and confidence and balanced change.